Thanks for stopping by. In my working life, technology is never far away.

Working with it comes easily, making it all work a bit more humanly is the hard part.

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how you grapple with tech, work and life. I am always learning.

Finished watching: Succession on Binge – Amazing location budget matched by writing and performances. Surely there isn’t a family that behaves like this?

Reading on the Kindle: FoundationIsaac Asimov

Listening: Harry Bosch Series by Michael Connelly on Audible

Helps me sleep at night:  My Yubikey

Favourite Zoom Interviews the past 12 months: Nathan Lyon and Tracey Bannan

Some of my favourite pics

Okay, so these pics are not in any particular order and are only here because they are my favourties


Photo: 2019 – Freer times!

Hi, I’m Chris Mirabella.  I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. This is a brief summary of my professional life.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, I embarked on a post-graduate career of auditing and accounting. Having exposure to so many different organisations and business systems was something I only came to fully appreciate years down the track as I embarked on my own and away from the safety net of being on a payroll. 

This experience culminated in landing a great corporate role in Finance and Treasury with Dairy Australia.

It was this role that opened my eyes to what business was all about. All of a sudden I was immersed in decision making at the beginning of a transaction rather than being a humble steward after the event. I got the self employment itch there.

A bit of a happenstance (how often do we admit to career happenstances?) introduced me to the world of media & communications and I was seriously hooked. I will be forever grateful to Dave at Mira Image for the inspiration and opportunity.

It is a space that I have been working in for more than twenty years, including a brief contract stint at the Australian Film Institute.

Between 2013-2018 I had the great privilege of developing a philanthropic foundation for my old school. This blog is filled with images and stories from that period, because it was such a special time.

I am now happily focused with business partner Maureen Hegarty in Communus.  We are doing great things with our clients in the digital communications space.


Nathan Lyon

Once again 2021 was a Covid affected year when it came to functions and events. This lead to the Eastern Cricket Association once again asking to produce their Annual Presentation Night. This year Kookaburra were kind enough to reach out to Australian test spinner Nathan Lyon who shared plenty of insight into the Australian team …

Marnus Labuschagne

With Covid-19 causing all sorts of issues with planning events the Eastern Cricket Association asked us to reproduce their Annual Presentation Night into an online video format. The presentation was filled with video interviews of players, coaches, and umpires all reflecting on the season just passed, while announcing the award winners. However, thanks to Kookaburra …

During the day

Artwork by Paul Harvey

I have the good fortune to have a great home based office in Doncaster that does a great job as a studio, media-streaming centre and creative space.  Don’t hesitate to call or Zoom to discuss your next project. 

M +61 419 686 555