Talking to Joan

This week we extracted a snippet from an interview we did last year when we were talking with Joan Cooper.

Joan is the mum of a good mate. When I mentioned to him why we were motivated to establish Precious Stories he was instantly interested. His family had felt they should record something with their 90+ something mum while they could, but just had never got around to it.

Joan is a delightful person – a very sharp wit and an amazing recall of her childhood growing up in Richmond (Victoria). At the end of the interview, it felt like a complete validation of setting up this little business.

There are so many stories to be told and Joan’s is an amazing one – how now gentrified Richmond used to be anything but. Dare I say the almost poverty housing they existed and grew up in.

When Joan started talking about the infamous Squizzy Taylor, I just about fell off my chair. Wow, what an amazing recollection.

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