Photo: 2019 – Freer times!

Hi, I’m Chris Mirabella.  I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. This is a brief summary of my professional life.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, I embarked on a post-graduate career of auditing and accounting. Having exposure to so many different organisations and business systems was something I only came to fully appreciate years down the track as I embarked on my own and away from the safety net of being on a payroll. 

This experience culminated in landing a great corporate role in Finance and Treasury with Dairy Australia.

It was this role that opened my eyes to what business was all about. All of a sudden I was immersed in decision making at the beginning of a transaction rather than being a humble steward after the event. I got the self employment itch there.

A bit of a happenstance (how often do we admit to career happenstances?) introduced me to the world of media & communications and I was seriously hooked. I will be forever grateful to Dave at Mira Image for the inspiration and opportunity.

It is a space that I have been working in for more than twenty years, including a brief contract stint at the Australian Film Institute.

Between 2013-2018 I had the great privilege of developing a philanthropic foundation for my old school. This blog is filled with images and stories from that period, because it was such a special time.

I am now happily focused with business partner Maureen Hegarty in Communus.  We are doing great things with our clients in the digital communications space.