Talking to Joan

This week we extracted a snippet from an interview we did last year when we were talking with Joan Cooper.

Joan is the mum of a good mate. When I mentioned to him why we were motivated to establish Precious Stories he was instantly interested. His family had felt they should record something with their 90+ something mum while they could, but just had never got around to it.

Joan is a delightful person – a very sharp wit and an amazing recall of her childhood growing up in Richmond (Victoria). At the end of the interview, it felt like a complete validation of setting up this little business.

There are so many stories to be told and Joan’s is an amazing one – how now gentrified Richmond used to be anything but. Dare I say the almost poverty housing they existed and grew up in.

When Joan started talking about the infamous Squizzy Taylor, I just about fell off my chair. Wow, what an amazing recollection.

Talking to Dora

This week we chatted with Dora. Dora is the inspirational careers advisor at Marcellin who literally generations of men owe a great debt. Just to be perfectly clear, I was not one of her students, but my sons and their mates certainly were. But I have known Dora forever as she has been at the College as long as I have been around with the alumni groups. Mike did a great job shooting, lighting and editing our interview with Dora (this is what it is all about btw) – I was just rapt to be asking the questions. Here is a snippet that Mike prepared (less than a minute to fit into Instagram) complete with captions.